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Who are we?

At our core, we are a group of senior computer scientists! We enjoy, and even love, developing and managing projects that involve computer software and hardware. We are old-school: PMP and CoBIT are respected but recursion, design patterns, generics, and software configuration management are mandatory.

We have over 45 years of combined experience in industry and academia. We have worked at some of the largest companies in the world, including IBM, Dell, and Computer Sciences Corporation. We have also helped start up technology companies from scratch.

We are comfortable advising the CIO about the suitability of a particular vendor's technology for ERP requirements, building an e-commerce Java Enterprise Edition megasite, or cranking out a low-level driver for a robotic arm. We delight in helping our clients systematically succeed at all levels, from the completely managerial to the deeply technical. We don't like to lose track of the big picture, and we like to keep things realistic and practical.

We are from France, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the United States. Our headquarters is in Saudi Arabia, and we have served clients around the world.

We try to work hard, and we know that success lies only in the Hands of Allaah.

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What do we do?

There are three core areas that we focus on:

  • management consulting
  • software development
  • training

Management consulting is a very wide field, but we focus on helping information technology projects and organizations succeed. For example, our clients have asked us to establish software engineering processes for systematic design and implementation, to develop a performance evaluation policy tailored to information technology specialists, and to install and rollout project tracking software complete with training.

We have also been engaged to develop software systems - on many different platforms: embedded system controllers, robots, web applications and services, and supercomputers. We have years of hardcore experience with many programming languages, some well-known and some not so. We build applications iteratively, using risk management and software engineering best practices to guide us.

Our experience in management consulting and development leads to natural engagements that are training-related. We give practical training on many different topics, managerial and technical.

Based on our client's needs, we also do other activities on occasion including preparing and reviewing legal technical documents, performing technical research, and evaluating new technologies.

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Who are our clients?

We are blessed to have worked for many great clients over the years. Our team has been privileged to help organizations tackle their own unique technical challenges. By and large, we have been graced with professional success, and strong friendships have been established between our consultants and our client's employees.

Our clients span three different continents: North America, Europe, and Asia. They also span many different industries including healthcare, telecommunications, semiconductor, flow and analytical measurement, irrigation, and internet media. In spite of the diversity of their businesses, our clients face more or less the same core software engineering and technical project management challenges.

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