King Fahad Medical City

One of the most advanced medical facilities in the Middle East for treating chronic diseases...

Health Care Services
Saudi Arabia
Engineer Muhammad Al-Zaydi, Chief Information Officer
Dr. Nahar Alazmi, Executive Director, Medical Affairs
Relationship Summary: 

Systematic Computer Science provided extensive executive-level management and technology consulting for the IT department within King Fahad Medical City.

King Fahad Medical City is one of the largest medical cities in the Middle East, and is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. KFMC formally opened its doors in 2004, and though it is one of the younger medical establishments, it is very strongly supported by the government of Saudi Arabia. It has over 1000 beds for patients to stay overnight, and has many hospitals and medical centers on its campus:

  • main hospital
  • children's hospital
  • women's specialist hospital
  • rehabilitation hospital
  • diabetic center
  • neurosciences center
  • heart center
  • hematology and oncology center

During his inaugural address, the Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad ibn Abdullah Al-Manie, expected the campus to treat more than 50,000 in-house patients and more than 600,000 outpatients annually.

A virtually brand new College of Medicine is also established on the campus's environment, with facilities for male and female students.

The campus also includes an ambulatory care building, an administration building, a services building, 3,000 staff housing units, and a community center including a mosque, shopping center, a school, a day care center and a recreational center.

Like all large medical establishments, KFMC has extensive information technology needs, and they are managed by the Information Technology and Communication department. ITC-KFMC is divided into at sub-departments that include process automation, telecommunications, customer support, and information security. The process automation unit in particular is responsible for overseeing large numbers of in-house and outsourced projects worth millions of riyals to provide automated solutions for the staff of KFMC.

Systematic Computer Science, in an extended assignment, has helped ITC-KFMC in many ways, notably in providing extensive technical management consulting and also in helping various projects be implemented. We have been tasked by the Chief Information Officer to provide guidance on a large number of improvement initiatives, covering process automation, project management, team building, and training.

Systematic Computer Science provided in-depth management consulting directly to the CIO of KFMC