Prince Salman Center for Disability Research

A highly dedicated research center for the disabled in the Middle East...

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Saudi Arabia
Dr. Heidi Alaskary, Deputy Executive Director of Research
Relationship Summary: 

Systematic Computer Science was engaged by the Prince Salman Center to evaluate proposals for technology-based projects to aid the disabled.

The Prince Salman Center for Disability Research is one of the most preeminent research centers in Saudi Arabia. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for the disabled through their research. Their focus is on biomedical, educational, technological, social and public awareness activities, and of course they also conduct legal and regulatory research. Through their activities and by collaborating with others such as local and international universities, the Center attempts to ensure the flow of knowledge and technology for the benefit of the disabled.

The Center is named for its President (as of 2010), Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz. As part of his description of the mission of the Center, he writes, "The issue of disability and its social and economic repercussions constitutes one of the most important challenges facing contemporary societies at present. One of the most effective means to deal with this issue is to investigate the causes of disabilities. In addition, overcoming obstacles that constrain people with disabilities and limit their productivity and independence in society are worth studying." [more]

A sampling of the titles of some of the Center's completed research projects follows:

  • Hunting For One of the Autism Genes That Might Be Linked To Osteopetrosis with Renal Tubular Acidosis
  • The Effect of Using Technology-Based Teaching to Remedy Dyslexic Saudi Elementary Stage Pupils
  • Mitochondrial DNA Genotyping in Arab Patients with Various Optic Neuropathies
  • Calibration and Adaptation of Denver Modified Questionnaire for Categorizing the Development of Saudi Children in Al-Madina Area
  • Treatment of Myosclerosis in Children with Disability Using Botulinium Toxin
  • The National Research Project to Study Children’s Disability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Information Services Directed to Persons with Disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Theoretical and Practical Study)
  • Epidemiological Clinical Study About the Disability Which Occurs After Stroke
  • Establishment of Psychometric Standards for the Evaluation of the Behavioral Problems of Disabled Children in Saudi Arabia
  • Stroke in Saudi Children: Clinical Features, Etiology, Risk Factors and Prognosis
  • Design of a Computerized Arabic Braille Environment
  • The Rights of Handicapped in Islam

As the list shows, the Center research focus covers a broad range of fields, but all of the projects have a clear relationship with disability.

The Center sponsors millions of riyals of research projects all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Experts from universities, hospitals, and other research centers are invited to present proposals to the Center that have some benefit for the disabled. The Center's Research Advisory Council reviews the proposals and recommends whether to sponsor them or not, and also reviews ongoing project's progress reports. The Council meets approximately once a month face-to-face, but a fair amount of pre-meeting review work is necessary naturally.

Systematic Computer Science was asked to participate in the Research Advisory Council to help evaluate projects, especially technology based projects. For a period of two years, we provided the Center with an information technology expert to do this task. This work was for a nominal fee, and we were happy to be part of the Center's efforts to improve the quality of life for the disabled.

Systematic Computer Science helped the Center evaluate IT project proposals for the disabled