Saudi Telecommunications Company

The national telecommunications company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

Telecommunications Services
Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Al-Blali, Manager of eBusiness Group
Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi, Head of eBusiness Support Group
Relationship Summary: 

Systematic Computer Science provided management consulting, quality assurance, and training for the e-Business unit of STC.

Saudi Telecommunications Company or STC (شركة الاتصالات السعودية‎) is the national telecommunications company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. STC was established in 1998, following an official decree of the Council of Ministers. Since then, STC has been working to satisfy the Saudi Arabian market and its customers, and to stay abreast of the latest technologies. As of 2010, STC is the leading provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, outdistancing competitors such as Mobily and Zain. To provide better services, STC has formed a network of businesses in many countries including Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and South Africa.

STC has been honored with the following recognitions:

  • “Operational Excellence Award” by the TM Forum Management World, 2010
  • the first telecommunications company in the Middle East to be approved by American Board of Project Management, 2010
  • "Advertiser of the Year" by Dubai Lynx Middle East & North Africa Advertising Awards, 2009
  • King Abdul Aziz Quality Award for the year 2008, granted by the Saudi Arabian Standards & Specifications Organization (SASO)
  • “The Best Telecommunications Company Award“ for the year 2008, granted by Arabian Business Magazine
  • Rated No. 8 among the Top International Fixed Telephone Services Providers worldwide
  • Rated No.2 among Asian Companies in terms of Market Value

STC contains five business units, each of which has extensive information technology needs:

  • Al Hatif, which includes landline services, card phones, public telephones, prepaid card services, and business services
  • Al Jawal, which offers a range of mobile services, messaging services, business services, data services, and roaming
  • Saudi Net, an Internet provider
  • STC Online for electronic bills payment services
  • Saudi Data, a provider of data solutions

Given the very different business models of each of these business units, it is no surprise that there is no single technology platform or toolset that is dominant within STC; there are many technologies in use.

Systematic Computer Science was commissioned by the e-Business unit of STC to provide training, quality assurance, and management consulting. After six months of working with STC, Systematic Computer Science was able to reduce the number of failures experienced by customers of STC Online by over 95%.

Systematic Computer Science helped STC reduce their main customer-facing site's error rate by 95%