Develop Out-of-Stock Inventory Application

Type of Service: 
Software Development and Customization
United States
Computer Software
6 months

To build a web application for a client who had contracted with Coca Cola Enterprises to automate the tracking of out-of-stock events at Coca Cola retailers. The application should track all kinds of beverages, and allow reports to be generated across many different criteria. The application should allow the import of monthly sales data in Microsoft Excel file format, and support exporting reports in the same format.

Finally, there should be an administrative interface accessible only to privileged users to configure application parameters.


Systematic Computer Science built a Java web portlet application - to meet Coca Cola's infrastructure requirements. The application allowed searching and reporting across many parameters including:

  • Beverage type
  • Beverage brand
  • Location
  • Retailer
  • Bottler
  • Period
The solution was successfully deployed on IBM WebSphere Portal Server, and fulfilled the functional requirements of the client. The Apache POI library was used to import and export data to and from Microsoft Excel files.

  • Client successfully delivered application to Coca Cola Enterprises.
  • Coca Cola able to easily view out-of-stock events across the nation, enabling quicker response and just-in-time inventory fulfillment.
  • Using Apache's POI library, built Microsoft Excel reports from within the application to allow easy sharing of information with sales representatives of Coca Cola.
  • Portlet architecture allowed multiple deployments of same application easily with different initialization parameters.