Deliver Java Training for Researchers

Type of Service: 
Saudi Arabia
Technical & Scientific Research Services
2 weeks

To design and deliver an intensive course on Java, Standard Edition. The course was for a group of researchers working in different fields, including optical character recognition, natural language processing, and embedded systems. Given the diversity of the students and their backgrounds, part of the challenge was to cover enough material at a level that could be understood by all.

The contents of the course broadly covered the main topics of Java, however it was structured to prepare the students in theory for passing the Certified Java Programmer examination. At the time of the presentation, the version of Java covered was Java 6.


Systematic Computer Science prepared and delivered a two week course on Java to the students. The topics included the following:

  • introduction to Java applications
  • control statements
  • classes and objects
  • methods
  • inheritance
  • polymorphism
  • exception handling
  • files and streams
  • generics
  • collections


The client's researchers were exposed to a broad overview of Java. The course included hands-on exercises and homework, hence the students were given the opportunity to apply what they learned in the lectures with feedback. Since some of the departments represented in the course were using some significantly older languages, this course was a good opportunity for the client to push some of their projects to using more modern technology.

Java is established now at some of the departments within the client, and Systematic Computer Science was a factor, one of many of course, in helping that language become adopted.