Deliver Java Training for Developers

Type of Service: 
Saudi Arabia
Telecommunications Services
2 weeks

To design and deliver an intensive course on Java, Enterprise Edition. The course was for a group of junior and senior developers working for a large telecommunications company. Their main task was to develop and maintain the company's customer service site, serving at the time over 700,000 customers.

The contents of the course broadly covered the main topics of Java web application development, however it was structured to significantly prepare the students in theory for passing the Certified Java EE Web Component Developer examination. At the time of the presentation, the version of Java EE covered was version 5. The client was using BEA WebLogic as the underlying application server, and the course was supposed to reflect this.


Systematic Computer Science prepared and delivered a two week course on Java Enterprise Edition to the developers. The topics included the following:

  • JEE Web Applications
  • Servlets Architecture
  • Developing Servlets
  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Session Management
  • Configuration and Context
  • Servlet Filters
  • Web Application Security
  • JavaServer Pages


The client's developers were exposed to a broad overview of Java Enterprise Edition. The course included hands-on exercises and homework, hence the students were given the opportunity to apply what they learned in the lectures with feedback. The junior developers in particular benefited from a deeper understanding of the key concepts and technologies. For the senior developers, it was more of an opportunity to review and brush up, and solidify their skills on the hands-on exercises.

Java Enterprise Edition is still being used to drive the main customer service site, and Systematic Computer Science was a factor, one of many of course, in helping the site succeed.