Develop Irrigation Controller

Type of Service: 
Software Development and Customization
United States
Environmental Services & Equipment
6 months

To develop the software for an irrigation controller. The controller was essentially an embedded system, complete with its own microcontroller, various sensors, and outputs. The software was to include customer friendly features, such as scheduled watering, region definition and management, and manual sprinkler controls. The client also expected Systematic Computer Science to provide a user manual with the software.


Systematic Computer Science developed the necessary software for successfully controlling the irrigation station. The software was developed using cross-compiled C, with some assembly where needed. Along with the basic functional requirements, we also focused on performance issues, using as little memory as possible for example. A watchdog timer was also used as a standard backup, last-resort solution to system freezes.


The client was delivered a software solution to control their irrigation station, and the product was added to their existing extensive product line. Systematic Computer Science