Design and Develop Range of Medical E-services

Type of Service: 
Software Development and Customization
Saudi Arabia
Health Care Services

To design and develop a variety of Web-accessible electronic services for the client, one of the most advanced healthcare providers in the Middle East. These electronic services were targeted at patients, physicians, administrators, and external hospitals. The client had an already capable team to develop the services, but due to time pressure needed additional senior developers to help out. Systematic Computer Science provided these resources to help the client meet the deadline.

Preparing healthcare electronic services presents a variety of challenges; the following is a small sample:

  • preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data exposed over the web
  • designing user interfaces that are intuitively easy to use and informative for a universal audience
  • ensuring that the performance of the application will scale well even under heavy use
  • architecting the applications to leverage a common, easily maintained infrastructure and underlying codebase

Systematic Computer Science provided the client with senior developers to help meet the demand for electronic services. For each application that was tasked to us, we strove to provide the client with:

  • requirements document
  • technical design
  • development conditions check list
  • performance test results

The platform used was Java Enterprise Edition, using a mixture of EJB, Hibernate, and JSF. We made sure to strictly adhere to vendor-neutral technology, and not lock in our client to commercial extensions that would require expensive license fees over time.


While the immediate beneficiary is the client, the ultimate beneficiaries were the patients and physicians who can access their healthcare information online, from anywhere in the world. This is of great importance to our client because they are a very large tertiary healthcare provider, so patients come to them from all over the country. If a patient is able to save a trip to the client by accessing their information online, this is a win for all parties concerned.

Another benefit of the electronic services is the increased ability to share information with other medical institutions. Since patients may naturally get referred to other locations, or perhaps seek a second opinion, having their medical information online makes it easier to give a complete picture of the patient's case to the external physician.