The Glassfish Open Source Application Server is one of the most advanced Java application servers on the market today. It was spun off from Sun Microsystem's application server product line, and is now sponsored by Oracle. There are two versions available, the core open source version and an Oracle branded version that comes with support. The Oracle branded version adds a few additional technologies, but the overwhelming code base (over 95%) is the same between the two versions.

Glassfish is a remarkable piece of software. It is a fully compliant Java Enterprise Edition application server, and is in fact the Reference Implementation for JEE. It is distinguished by high performance and ease-of-use. We have used it for at least 5 years on many projects, and have found it a joy to work with. The fact that it is an open source project makes it even more appealing. Compared to several leading-edge commercial application servers, we have found Glassfish to be clearly ahead by multiple measures.

Systematic Computer Science provides the following services for this technology:

  • technical consulting and training engagements
  • development and troubleshooting
  • maintenance and support contracts

We have used this technology for the following clients: King Faisal Specialist Hospital, King Fahd Medical City.


Java Application Server

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and anything else supporting Java

Language: Java

License: GPL, CDDL (both open source)

Since: 2005