Redmine is a multipurpose tool that supports project management and collaboration. Its main function is a powerful issue-tracking engine, however it also includes wikis, forums, document and file sharing, and integration with software configuration management systems. Redmine can be used to assign issues or tickets to various people, and subsequently track the full history of updates to that issue until it is closed. As the issue is updated, Redmine also has the capability to send notifications to all involved parties via email about the update.

There are many tools that do similar functions as Redmine, or at least overlap partially. Redmine is remarkable in that it is an open source, widely successful effort that has matched or exceeded several commercial efforts. Many organizations are using it (click here for an up-to-date list), including companies and educational institutions. The Redmine community is vibrant and highly active, with lots of participation by both developers and end-users.

Systematic Computer Science provides the following services for this technology:

  • technical consulting and training engagements
  • development and troubleshooting
  • maintenance and support contracts

We have used this technology for the following clients: King Faisal Specialist Hospital, King Fahd Medical City.


Project Management Application

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and anything else supporting Ruby on Rails

Language: Ruby

License: GPL (open source)

Since: 2006