IBM WebSphere

IBM WebSphere is a software suite of products covering many different functions: Java application server, portal, distributed cache, enterprise software bus, message broker, business integration, commerce, and much much more. It is probably one of the most complex software suites ever developed. Due its large size and the equally large size of the company itself, IBM, WebSphere is well-entrenched in very large Fortune 500 enterprises that need the security of dealing with a top-of-the-line technology partner.

The heart of WebSphere is its Application Server: a Java Enterprise Edition application server. As of version 8, WebSphere Application Server is fully compliant with JEE 6 and the OSGi specifications. It is highly reliable and scalable, and also has many extensions. By many measures, it is the leading JEE application server in the world, or certainly in the hunt. The complexity of WebSphere is probably its biggest weakness, and smaller organizations may find it easier to go with a simpler solution.

Systematic Computer Science provides the following services for this technology:

  • technical consulting and training engagements
  • development and troubleshooting
  • maintenance and support contracts

We have used this technology for the following clients: King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Art & Logic.


Java Application Server

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and anything else supporting Java

Language: Java

License: Commercial

Since: 1998