Eclipse is the world's leading software development environment for Java. It provides countless numbers of developers around the globe with a free, highly reliable, commercial-grade integrated development environment that is a joy to use. It is highly extensible, and many plugins have been developed by the community to make Eclipse useful in many contexts. Java desktop applications, web applications, portlet applications, web services, and more - all of these can be built, run, and debugged all from inside the rich confines of Eclipse.

Since its inception, Eclipse has grown to support more than Java. Its flexible design has allowed it to now support development in C, C++, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, and many other programming languages and frameworks. It also has served as the basis for many commercial products, including IBM's Rational Software Architect and Oracle WebLogic's Workshop. Our developers here at Systematic Computer Science have been using Eclipse since the turn of the century, and expect to continue using it for many more years to come inshaa-Allaah.

Systematic Computer Science provides the following services for this technology:

  • technical consulting and training engagements
  • development and troubleshooting
  • maintenance and support contracts

We have used this technology for the following clients: Art and Logic, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, King Fahd Medical City, Rare Medium, Saudi Telecommunications Company.


Software Development Environment

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and anything else supporting Java

Language: Java

License: EPL (open source)

Since: 2001