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A 200-year old international powerhouse and market leader in flow control...

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Mr. Shahabi, Senior Engineer
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Relationship Summary: 

Systematic Computer Science developed flow tracking and control software for George Fischer Signet.

Georg Fischer Signet is the development, manufacturing, and logistics organization for Signet flow and analytical measurement systems. The original company was established in 1953 based in Burbank, California, and was called Transdynamics. The initial focus of the company was building products for the aerospace industry, but in 1975 it introduced pioneering insertion sensor technology. The invention coincided with a name change to Signet Scientific Corporation.

Signet Scientific rapidly became a world-wide leader in the design and development of products related to the monitoring and controlling of flows through pipes. There are a remarkable number of industrial applications where it is critical to measure and control certain parameters of liquids flowing through a pipe such as pressure, temperature, and level. For example, a liquid cooling system must constantly monitor the temperature of the coolant itself to ensure that it stays effective. To meet these needs, Signet Scientific built innovative products that combined expertise from a variety of fields including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, physics, applied physics, and computer science.

In 1987, Signet Scientific was bought by Georg Fischer Piping Systems Group based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, a venerable company providing piping solutions for approximately 200 years. The new company, Georg Fischer Signet is today one of the leaders in the market, and serves customers all over the world. They have achieved both ISO 9000 and 14000 compliance, and use continuous six-sigma process improvement. Their products are sophisticated and use advanced technology, but their expertise is such that the instrumentation is easy to install, use, and maintain. Building advanced solutions in compact packages that are used in tough environments (e.g. measuring the flow of acid through a pipe) is a real challenge, one that Georg Fischer Signet has successfully solved.

The following product line gives an idea of the different engineering challenges that they have cracked:

  • flow monitors and controllers
  • turbidimeters
  • pH monitors
  • resistivity and conductivity monitors
  • level monitors
  • pressure monitors
  • temperature monitors

In 1991, Systematic Computer Science was subcontracted by Georg Fischer Signet to develop the software to control a flow controller from their product line. Being an embedded system, the platform was a mixture of assembly and C, built using a cross compiler.

Systematic Computer Science developed a flow controller for Georg Fischer Signet...